Not Everyone Thought this was a Good Idea....

The Consequences of Loyalism: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Calhoon (2019)

Civilian Loyalisms

  • Christopher Minty on findings from a prosopographical study of American Loyalists
  • Gregory Knouff on Breed and Ruth Batcheller, a Loyalist couple
  • Christopher Sparshott on New York Loyalist refugee camps
  • Taylor Stoermer on Virginia's Loyalists

Military Loyalisms

  • Carole Troxler on military engagements in the Southern backcountry
  • C.L. Bragg on Alexander Chesney’s experiences as a Loyalist, Patriot, and finally Loyalist turncoat
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Loyalist Diaspora, Loyalists at Home

Loyalist Diaspora

  • Ruma Chopra on exiled Loyalists in Nova Scotia
  • Catherine M. Cottreau-Robins on archaelogical and historical evidence of enslaved Afro-Canadians in Loyalist settlements


Loyalists at Home

  • Sally Hadden on Patriot lawyers and the lucrative field of working for Loyalists  
  • Brett Palfreyman on the non-juror problem of Pennsylvania and Loyalist reincorporation
  • Aaron Coleman on transitional justice theory and Loyalists
  • Rebecca Brannon on transitional justice theory and Loyalist reintegration
  • Eileen Ka-May Cheng on Patriot historians who plagiarized Loyalist historians

In an afterward, historian Warren Hofstra explores Calhoon’s career and scholarship through the lens of his Civil Rights activism.